1. Gasketed Heat Exchanger
      1. AU, AC, AS, AP Series
      2. Connection Size: DN32-DN500
      3. Max Flow Rare: 4500m3/h
      4. Max Load: 60MW
      5. Temperature Approach: Under 1 ℃ (Heat Recovery) ...
    1. Welded Heat Exchanger
      1. Laser welding for plate, no gasket
      2. High hear transfer efficiency with almost all plate surface for heat exchanging
      3. Small floor area, be equal to gasket and frame plate heat exchanger
      4. Flexible connection diameter in/out, adaptable design
      5. Low cost of using and maintenance
    1. Brazed Heat Exchanger
      The brazed plate heat exchangers is a collection of plates, vacuum brazed together with no gaskets, reducing leakage. They are compact, lightweight and have a high turbulent flow, which also reduces deposit build-up and maintenance. They are available in Plate configurations and Chevron Patterns to suit your needs. It's ideal for hydronic systems like swimming pools, spas, radiant floor heating, domestic hot water and snow and ice melting. ...

Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchangers consist of a number of corrugated plates. The plate package is mounted between a fixed and movable pressure plate, positioned by an upper guide bar and lower carrying bar, and compressed by several tightening bolts. The fluid is fed into the plate package via connections on the fixed and movable pressure plates. The arrangement of the plate creates two separate channels, enabling the two fluids to flow past and between each other without physical contact, leaving from the equipment again through connections in pressure plates. Plate with different patterns can be mixed in heat exchanger in order to achieve optimum efficiency at a given parameters. By installing muti-pass arrangement plates in plate heat exchanger, it also can handle more than two types of fluid.

Besides plate heat exchanger, we also develop other forms of heat exchanger. ZZGroup also can define right one from heat exchanger family according to design pressure and temperature in application.

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